CI-FIRE 2nd Industry Forum, 24 March 2015, Brussels

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Future Internet Testing – Opportunities for European Businesses

24 March 2015, The Studio at the Egg in Brussels, 11:45-18:30 followed by a Cocktail Reception

Workshop hosts: CI-FIRE, FUSION, FanTaaStic Broker Service of EIT ICT Labs, AmpliFIRE

The 2nd CI-FIRE Industry Workshop focuses on the business case for software and hardware testing before taking new future internet products and services to market.  Large-scale experimental deployments and test solutions are becoming increasingly important also to address security risks of IoT.

The workshop is for businesses and entrepreneurs that need to test a beta technology or new idea. Businesses can learn about cutting-edge ICT facilities that support larger scale testing in realistic conditions.

Staying ahead of the curve
The future internet offers lots of new ways for businesses to be innovative and competitive in their respective markets. New advanced capabilities mean companies are now able to deliver more personalised applications, products and services. New revenue streams created by future internet technologies are opening the door to market innovations in ways just not possible a decade ago. Leading ICT companies are also looking to savvy SMEs to boost their innovation and offer important incentives for their R&D projects on IoT, cloud and big data. Businesses that don’t embrace the opportunity will struggle to survive as their competitors disrupt the market.

Testing the future today
World-class European test bed services offer companies the support they need so they can test, not guess, the added value of new products and services before taking them to market.
These services are designed to test the future and make it safe. How? By putting innovations first in controlled environments – test beds – evaluating them before bringing them to the real world.

The services presented support the business innovation life cycle at every stage so businesses don’t waste time developing something that won’t work. This is the best way to make sure only the right products get to market, quickly and effectively.

Workshop takeaways

Businesses: As a potential test-bed user, you will learn about the benefits from users and providers of services covering cloud, IoT wireless, sensing, mobility, smart cities, and broadband, understand how to access the services and what support is available. Networking sessions offer also a chance to discuss your specific needs.
Test-bed providers: As a test-bed service provider, you will have the chance to show how you are helping SMEs and large companies innovate in the marketplace, offering tips directly from businesses that have already benefitted.

Co-location with Net Futures
Co-location with Net Futures 2015 Conference and Exhibition, 25-26 March at the same venue offers 3 days of unbeatable opportunities to make new business leads. Net Futures will gather over 700 attendees, to form an interconnected community involving companies, organisations and people in research & innovation, and market validation.

More information on CI-FIRE 2nd Industry Forum.

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