Practical use cases for FELIX framework released

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The FELIX project is taking a pragmatic approach, therefore the workplan is organized around real use cases, which are unable to be solved with current state of the art technologies. FELIX objective is to fill the missing gaps, glue existing solutions implemented in independent projects and deploy own components in order to make all the picture sufficient to solve real problems. The defined use cases are described in D2.1 “FELIX Use Cases” report available and includes:

  • Disaster recovery scenario – on demand, instant cloud migration to distant infrastructure in case of a disaster
  • Follow the moon/sun – continuous migration of cloud data or computation to infrastructures which offers best services at current moment (e.g. lower operating costs at night)
  • Data on demand – Delivery of distributed data by setting data flows over the network
  • Data Processing workflow – proper allocation of nearest resources to implement an on-demand and application-driven network services for the specific data transfers.
  • Data Mobility Service by SDN Technologies – provide a mechanism for flexibly reassigning resources among cloud systems by means of an inter-cloud system.
  • High Quality Media Transmission over long-distance networks – monitoring and adaptation of network flow to current network condition for 4K video streaming

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